Prva etapa/First stage

Total playing time 25 – 30 min

a) J.S.Bach : Adagio and Fugue from Sonata solo (G minor or C major), or Grave and Fugue from Sonata solo (A minor),or Chaconne from Partite D minor

b) N.Paganini : One of the Capricci on candidates choice

c) E.Ysaye: One off the Six Sonatas for Violin solo, or B.Bartok: Sonata for Violin solo, or S.Prokofiev: Sonata for Violin solo

Druga etapa/Second stage

Total playing time 45 – 50 min

a) L.van Beethoven: One of the following Sonatas:

op.12 No.1 (D major)
op.12 No. 3 (E flat major)
op.24 No. 5  (F major)
op.30 No. 2  (C minor)
op.30 No. 3  (G major)

b) One of the following Sonatas with Piano accompaniment:

J.Brahms:Sonata D minor op.108
R. Strauss
C. Debussy
S. Prokofiev No 1
G. Enescu No.3
C. Franck

c) Obavezno delo / Compulsory piece
Ivan Jevtic: tri stava iz Svite za  violinu solo( Con rigore, Dolce amoroso,Tempo giusto)

d) One piece by the following composers ( no longer than 12 min ):

C.Saint Saens
F.Waxman(Carmen fantasy)

Finale / Finals

a) W.A.Mozart: First movement from one of the following Concertos with Cadenze to be performed with the orchestra:

Violin concerto K 216 (G major)
Violin concerto K 218 (D major)
Violin concerto K 219 (A major)

b) One of the following concertos for Violin and orchestra:

F.Mendelssohn: Violin concerto E minor,op.64
P.I.Tchaikovsky:Violin concero D major op.35
J.Brahms:Violin concerto D major op.77
J.Sibelius: Violin concerto D minor op.47
S.Prokofiev: Violin concerto No.1 D major op.19

Napomena: Ceo takmicarski program izvodi se napamet ukljucujuci I zadato delo,osim sonata iz druge etape pod a) I b). Repeticije se mogu izvoditi ukoliko se na taj nacin ne prekoracuje predvidjena minutaza.

Note: The entire compeition program is performed by heart, including the assigned work except for the sonata from second stage under a) and b). Repetitions can be performed as long as the allotted minutes are not exceeded.