* The jury decides on the admission of competitors to the second and the third (final) stages as well as on the award of the prizes. Decisions of the jury are final and are not subject to questions, revisions or appeal;

* Jury members will not make contact and communicate with competitors while such competitor is continuing to compete;

* No more than 16 competitors with the highest scores obtained in the first stage will be admitted to the second stage;

* No more than 6 competitors with the highest scores obtained in the second stage will be admitted to the third (final) stage;

* The names of competitors admitted to the second and the third stages will be announced during the morning following the end of the test. The names will be given in order of appearance. The competitors’ scores will not be made public;

* The 3 competitors with the highest scores obtained in the final stage will receive the first, second and the third prize, according to their respective number of points and diplomas accrediting prize-winner status. Candidates who reach the final round will receive a diploma accrediting their participation in the final round;

* All prizes are indivisible;

* The jury may withhold one or more of the prizes, if it so decides;


1. The Competition will be held in Belgrade n March 2023. All tests will be public.

2. All pieces included in the program must be prepared in their entirety.

3. Competitors shall perform in order of appearance decided by lot. The draw will take place before the Competition’s opening in the presence of the competitors and jury. The playing order of competitors will be adhered to in the first two stages. The order in the final stage might be changed due to the program planning.

4. Competitors who are not ready to perform when called upon to do so may be disqualified.

5. Rights on any Competition performances, recordings or filming belong to International Jeunesses Musicales Competition and no fee is payable to any competitor on account of those performances, recordings or broadcastings of them.

6. All participants must be available to representatives of the media throughout the Competition.

7. The Competition Board is entitled to cancel the Competition if there are less than 6 applications.

8. All first prize-winners must come to receive their prizes in person, except in the event of illness, upon presentation of a medical certificate. Otherwise, the money will be returned to the Competition Fund.

9. At the end of each stage all the participants are required to be present when the results are announced.

10. The Competition will cover the costs of full board and lodging for all candidates from the second stage of the Competition until the last day of their active participation in the Competition.


1. The Competition is open to violinists of any nationality who are under the age of 35 on February, 1st 2023.

2. Candidates should provide the following items:
a) a duly completed application form or online registration
b) a brief Curriculum Vitae
c) copies of documents testifying candidates’ musical education and copies of prizes/diplomas
d) references from their present or previous professors (original)
e) one recent glossy photograph – postcard size (9×13) which will be reproduced in the Competition booklet. Alternatively, candidates may send a photo by e-mail (300 or more dpi)
All documents should be sent by February, 1st 2023. to the following address:
International Jeunesses Musicales Competition 
Terazije 26/II 
11000 Belgrade 

or to the e-mail: competition@muzicka-omladina.org

3. All applicants will be informed of their acceptance or rejection to the Second stage not later than February 20th, 2023. Accepted candidates who are unable to take part in the Competition must notify the organizer immediately.

4. Candidates should pay an entrance fee of €50 until the February 1st, 2023 to the following bank account

EUR correspondent is:
RZBAATWW – Raiffeisen bank International AG, Vienna

Acc. with Institution: 57A:
RBA banka a.d. Novi Sad

Beneficiary: 59:
IBAN RS35330047050087395367
Beograd (Stari Grad)

Payment must be made exclusively in Euros. Any wiring fees must be paid by the applicant. This application fee is not refundable.

5. Each participant will be asked to show his/her identity papers before the Competition’s opening.