51st International Jeunesses Musicales Competition in Belgrade


The International Jeunesses Musicales Competition in Belgrade praises the status of the project of significant importance within the Jeunesses Musicales International Federation – JMI (based in Brussels), and since 1974 it’s the member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions – WFIMC (based in Geneve), which gather the greatest world competitions like: “Maria Callas” in Athens, “Queen Elizabeth” in Brussels, “Tchaikovsky” in Moscow, “Ian Sibelius” in Helsinki, “J.S. Bach” in Leipzig, “Prague Spring” in Prague, “Paganini in Genoa” etc.

The International Jeunesses Musicales Competition exists with the aim to support the most talented young musicians at the beginning of their artistic careers and it is of great importance for our country and the city of Belgrade.

Over the 2000 soloists and more than 200 chamber ensembles participated in the IJMC Belgrade. The participants came from all continents and from over 70 countries of the world.

Competition is among the biggest world music competitions, annually held in March in the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment and the founder of the IJMC is the City Assembly of Belgrade.

In year 2023, the 51st International Jeunesses Musicales Competition in the VIOLIN discipline will be held in Belgrade.


The 51st IJMC stages and timetable


  • February 1st – Applications deadline. The application forms, as well as First stage video recordings, must be submitted by 12 midnight (UTC+1) on February 1st, at the latest.
    All required documents CV, copies of documents testifying candidate’s musical education, copies of prizes/diplomas (optional), references from present or previous professors (original), one recent glossy photograph) must be submitted by February 15th 2023.
    The First stage will be held in an online format, based on the Jury members’ evaluation of the videos submitted by the candidates.
    Candidates must send their good quality video recordings (audio and video) performing their submitted First stage program.TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS– Each piece or movements (in the case of works that contain several movements) must be recorded in a single take.
    – There must be only one camera and its angle must be fixed.
    – No editing is allowed.
    – The candidate must be clearly visible; the candidate’s hands and face should be clearly visible at all times.
    – It is strongly recommended that the sound should be recorded professionally.A video whose quality, visual and/or audio, does not allow the Jury to evaluate the candidate’s abilities will be rejected.
    – Video must be specifically recorded for purpose of competition.
  • February 20th – First stage results and Jury’s decision upon candidates’ qualifying for the Second stage
  • March 24th – Opening ceremony (Belgrade)
  • March 25th and 26th – Second stage performances
  • March 27th – Finalists’ rehearsals with the Orchestra
  • March 28th and 29th – Final stage performances
  • March 30th – Prize awarding and Closing ceremony